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Why My Forex Trading Story Will Shock You... And How After What Seemed To Be An Endless Battle Of Loosing Truckfulls of Cash On The Forex, I
Eventually Found The Forex Software That
Helped Me Make It All Back...

And Then Doubled My Bank In Less Than 5 Weeks...


If you're thinking about using any type of software to trade on the Forex, I'm extremely relieved that you've found my blog because not only will my story shock you, it'll almost certainly save your health, your money as well as a lot of time searching for a automated Forex trading system.

 I will tell you exactly why over a 5 month period I tried but was forced to give up trading on the Forex... and how I finally managed to dig my self out of my money pit with a new automated Forex trading system called "Forex Tracer ".

My name is James Davenport and like so many Forex traders, I spent months desperately trying to make it big and to be consistent in the Forex markets.

I never used to have issue with trading in stocks and shares so I tried the Forex market because I was told it is a lot more liquid and you can make heaps more money. So, in January 2008, I starting to trade on the Forex. Even though this was fantastic and I was having a great time learning new things and all the jargon, the problem was my whole lifestyle was altered. I was sleeping less and because of the work load it actually became quite stressful.

The Inevitable Started To Happen.

I started to loose money and within 8 weeks I had lost over $23,400 of my trading bank I was loosing cash big time.

After a few months of starting I stopped all my Forex trading and I actually did have the chance to re-cap on my Forex trading strategy - which I hoped would improve the way I traded. However, after hoping for the best for a number of weeks, it became obvious that it wasn't going to work.

And that was the point when I realized I had to do something about it.


I Tried A Online Trading Mentor & Failed.

At the time, Forex "trading mentors" was the 'in thing' to do and after speaking to three of my friends who had had moderate success with one, I decided to give it a go.

At first it worked out reasonably well and my Forex trading did start to improve slightly (hey...I made back some of my depleted trading funds) - and although that wasn't exactly something to get too excited about, at least it was a start. And any 'start' was good!

However, after a few weeks with my Forex mentor, things began to go downhill. One of the major issues was that I was spending so much money on his fees. $1,000.00 a month was far more than I wanted to spend and it seemed like I was going one step backwards and two steps forwards. I found that I needed much more than just some one who could guide me for it to have any real effect for me to make some serious money.

I was working my way through thousands of dollars which was becoming a problem, especially as I already has depleted my trading bank to an all time low.
Eventually I had to stop with my Forex Trading mentor..


Then I Tried Some "Black Box" Trading Software.

After only 9 days using this software (who by the way promised to make you heaps of cash). I started to loose even more money. Now... don't get me wrong I was making some money on certain trades but then loosing it all on the others. Plus... my Forex trading was chewing up my time and my money.

The most worrying thing of all was that I didn't want to fail at trading Forex because I had a dream that this was going to make it for me.

Eventually, I found something that worked.

Having spent so much time, money and energy desperately trying to succeed with other trading systems  that ultimately had very little effect on my bank balance was a big regret. However, after doing some searching on the internet I came across a program  called Forex Tracer .

I had never heard of it before and because of my recent experiences, I was initially a little dubious. But after reading some extremely complimentary reviews and learning that the cost was minimal compared to everything else I tried, I decided to give it one last shot.

What seemed to be so different with this program was that a major consideration was that it stared to make me money. The money came slowly at first but once I got the hang of it the money started to roll in... and I mean roll in trucks of cash... I could not believe it. After every thing I have been through I at last found something that is still making me a great living from trading on the Forex.

Here's why I recommend it.

The reason why I recommend Forex Tracer is because I followed their plan for a matter of days and the results were almost unbelievable.

Although it did take me a few more days longer to get an understanding of how it all worked, I did manage to make my first trade profitable, which I'm sure you'll agree is pretty astonishing. I'm now at the stage of being able to make trading on the Forex as my living.

In my opinion, this is way more superior and far more effective than any of the other products I tried. Obviously everyone is different but it has worked extremely well for me. The genial part is you simply do what the program tells you to do.  What could be simpler? You don't even have to buy any further software at all.

Anyway, I hope you've found this information useful whatever your situation because if I had known about Forex Tracer a few months back, I would not have lost money in the first place let alone all my time and money with all these other things I purchased. I wish you every success!

All the best,

James Davenport



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